Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime Nature Park

Interpretive nature trails

Forest nature trail "Toblach / Dobbiaco"

Forest nature trail "Toblach / Dobbiaco"
The magnificent world of forest "WaldWunderWelt / Il Mondo Magico delle Foreste"

Just behind Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime Nature Park Visitor Center is a wonderful nature trail with three exciting stations named The magnificent world of the forest, Celtic tree horoscope and Tree village. The trail, which starts at the visitors center, is suitable for hikers of all ages and is available at all times at no charge.
The trail is best reached from the visitors center, where there is plenty of parking.

The magnificent world of the forest

The magnificent world of forest (WaldWunderWelt / Il Mondo Magico delle Foreste) is a terrific place for all visitors who love to play, climb, and jump – and learn something into the bargain. At this station, visitors become better acquainted with the many facets of forest habitats in an enjoyable and interactive manner. The core element of the station is a wood platform which root lines extend into the surrounding terrain, like the roots of a tree stump. On the platform itself you can have a rest or try out the bird riddle. Kids love to play beneath the platform, in the "fox hole.” Along the roots there are many opportunities to play: an otter slide, climbing trees, a large woodpecker tree to slide into and a barefoot trail and a high-jump pit where visitors can measure their jumping abilities relative to those of various forest creatures.
The roots lead to other stations that explore various forest related topics such as forest soil types, mushrooms, and traces of forest wildlife. There’s also a birds nest that can be climbed up to, and at the geology station the key types of rocks at the Magnificent world of the forest station and around Toblach / Dobbiaco are on display.

Tree village "Toblach / Dobbiaco"

On the way back from the Magnificent world of the forest station to the visitors center you will come upon three large tree houses that can be entered. With its small village square, comfortable benches, and small information trees, the station (Baumdorf Toblach / Il Villaggio degli Alberi) is like a hamlet in the middle of the forest, which we call Toblach / Dobbiaco tree village. At this station, visitors can find out why the forest is so important for life and survival in the mountains. The first tree house provides information concerning "Achievement of the forest" such as the importance of the forest for oxygen production. The station also contains a forest quiz and a photosynthesis game, and has on display household products whose cellulose components are not evident at first glance. The second tree house is devoted to forestry methods and woodworking from the past up until today. The third tree house is called "Art in the forest – becoming and passing away". The Pustertal / Pusteria valley school district and its pupils will design the tree house and use it for after-school activities.

Celtic tree horoscope

This, the third station (Keltisches Baumhoroskop/ Orologio Celtico degli Alberi) on the nature trail behind the visitors center, is aimed at adults rather than kids and is based on the concept of the Celtic tree horoscope as described by authors such as Bertram Wallrath.* According to Wallrath, 21 trees with typical characteristics were assigned to the annual cycle, whereby these characteristics supposedly also corresponded to those exhibited by the individuals under the various tree symbols. In walking through the tree horoscope, each visitor can find their birth date and ask themselves whether the characteristics of the tree and tree symbol match up with their own personal traits. This unconventional way of dealing with trees is highly effective when it comes to awakening interest in and conveying knowledge concerning environmental topics. The horoscope is also of interest to visitors who may not be enthusiasts of natural studies.

*Wallrath, Bertram (2003): Das Keltische Baum-Horoskop. Magie und Heilkunde der alten Druiden. Reihe BewußtSein. Smaragd Verlag, Woldert. Bibliographical reference: Das ECHTE Keltische Baumhoroskop, ©Smaragd Verlag 1998, ISBN 3-926374-60-8

LandArt Toblach / Dobbiaco

In June 2008 the nature trail next to Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime Nature Park Visitor Center acquired a new attraction. At the behest of the Puster valley school district, a number of artists from the Kunstmyst collective created land art installations such as a forest harp, a paradise tree, and other more or less fading objects, all made of natural materials. This outdoor art studio will be used for educationally oriented land art installations in the coming years by pupils, teachers and interested parties.

Interpretive nature trail "Toblacher See / Lago di Dobbiaco"

Interpretive nature trail "Toblacher See / Lago di Dobbiaco"
Toblacher See / Lago di Dobbiaco

The interpretive nature trail "Toblacher See / Lago di Dobbiaco" comprises 11 stations and affords both young and old an excellent opportunity to discover the wonders of nature. This loop trail provides visitors with detailed information concerning the flora, fauna and geomorphology of the area. Some of the stations afford visitors the opportunity to test their skills. For example, at station 4 visitors are asked to identify the pillars that are camouflaged via colours, in the manner of animal camouflage, while at station 9 visitors can find out whether their broad-jumping abilities match those of the forest denizens.
As one of the last remaining wetlands in our province, lake Toblach is much frequented by birds. During the bird breeding seasons in spring and fall, some rare species are also observed at the lake. The trail can be hiked in around two hours.