Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime Nature Park

Suggested routes for virtual nature hikes and hiking routes

If you’d like to visit the best lookout points in nature park Schlern-Rosengarten / Sciliar-Catinaccio from the comfort of your own home, then you’ll definitely want to consider taking one of our virtual hikes through the unique natural and man-made landscape offered by the park.

Needless to say, though, the best way to discover the nature parks of South Tyrol is by experiencing the real thing first hand!

Route 1 Fischleinboden / Piano Fiscalino - Rifugio Zsigmondy-Comici-Hütte - Büllelejoch-Hütte / Rifugio Pian di Cengia - Drei-Zinnen-Hütte / Rifugio Tre Cime di Lavaredo- Fischleinboden / Piano Fiscalino

  • Distance: 18,283 m
  • Ascent: 1,212 m
  • Descent: 1,212 m
  • Hiking time: 6 h 30 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail

Fischleinboden / Piano Fiscalino (1,453 m) - Talschlußhütte / Rifugio Fondo Valle (1,548 m) – Rifugio Zsigmondy-Comici-Hütte (2,225 m) - Büllelejoch-Hütte / Rifugio Pian di Cengia (2,544 m) - Drei-Zinnen-Hütte / Rifugio Tre Cime di Lavaredo (2,407 m) - Altensteintal / Val Sassovecchio - Fischleinboden / Piano Fiscalino (1,453 m)

This demanding loop trail affords hikers the opportunity to view all of the park’s natural wonders and landscape features. Fischleintal / Val Fiscalina valley can be reached from Sexten-Moos / Sesto Moso by bus or car. The trail to Fischleinboden begins after the gate (1,453 m). In the foreground you will see the steep rock face of Einserkofel / Cima Uno mountain, from which an around 60,000 cubic meter chunk broke loose in October 2007. Follow the trail to Altensteintal. After around 100 meters, exit the uphill trail to Drei-Zinnen-Hütte refuge and follow (keeping your eye on massive Zwölferkofel / Cima Dodici) trail 103, which leads up along the foot of Einserkofel, to Zsigmondy-Comici refuge. From the refuge, cross the thinly overgrown rocks to Büllelejoch / Pian di Cengia (marker 101). From Büllelejoch refuge (2,544 m) follow trail 101, which leads you along the debris slopes of Bödenknoten / Croda dei Piani and Paternkofel / Monte Paterno towards Toblinger Riedl / Forcella di Toblin. You will soon reach Drei-Zinnen refuge (2,407 m), from which there is a magnificent view of the north face of the Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime mountains. From there you descend to Altensteintal valley (marker 102) on a trail that leads past the two shimmering Bödensee / Laghi dei Piani lakes. From Altensteintal valley you proceed back to Talschluss refuge in Fischleinboden (1,534 m).

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Route 2 Antoniusstein - Drei-Schuster-Hütte / Rifugio Tre Cime - Wildgrabenjoch / Passo Rondoi - Gwengalpenjoch / Passo dell'Alpe Mattina - Antoniusstein

  • Distance: 17,371 m
  • Ascent: 1,189 m
  • Descent: 1,189 m
  • Hiking time: 6 h 20 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail

Parking lot at Antoniusstein (1,502 m) – Drei-Schuster-Hütte / Rifugio Tre Scarperi refuge (1,639 m) – Wildgrabenjoch / Passo Rondoi (2285 m) – Gwengalpenjoch / Passo dell’Alpe Mattina (2,456 m) – Drei-Zinnen-Hütte /Rifugio Tre Cime refuge (2,407 m) – Parking lot at Antoniusstein (1,502 m)

You can reach the parking lot at Antoniusstein (1,502 m) in Innerfeldtal / Val Campo di Dentro valley by car or shuttle bus. The ensuing 830 to 980 meter climb can be hiked in three to three and a half hours by seasoned hikers. From Drei-Schuster refuge (1,639 m), a broad trail leads southward to the trail and valley bifurcation, which is located right at the foot of Morgenkopf / Monte Mattina mountain (2,493 m). Then turn right onto trail 9. Continue along this trail, which will take you upward through woods, stands of mugo pines, and across streams to Wildgrabenjoch (2,285 m). Here, trail 11, which forks off to the left, is a short stretch that is equipped with safety cables. Once you have traversed it, a view of the Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime mountains will gradually appear. After an additional brief uphill stretch, you will arrive at Gwengalpenjoch (2,456 m), which is on the south side of Schwabenalpenkopf / Torre dei Scarperi (2,687 m). After a short stretch, likewise on trail 11, you will reach Drei-Zinnen refuge (2,407 m). You then descend to Innerfeldtal valley via trail 105.

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Route 3 War Cemetery Nasswand / Croda dell'Acqua - Mitteralplsee / Lago Malga di Mezzo - War Cemetery Nasswand / Croda dell'Acqua

  • Distance: 8,172 m
  • Ascent: 922 m
  • Descent: 922 m
  • Hiking time: 4 h 30 m
  • Type of path: mountain trail of medium difficulty

War Cemetery Nasswand / Croda dell’Acqua (1,317 m) - Mitteralplsee / Lago Malga di Mezzo lake (2,222 m) - Lückeleschartl / Forcella del Lago (2,532 m) - War Cemetery Nasswand / Croda dell’Acqua (1,317 m)

From Toblach / Dobbiaco, proceed through Höhlensteintal / Val di Landro valley to the parking lot at the war cemetery Nasswand (1,317 m), where the trail begins. It first takes you around 500 meters into the valley back toward Toblach. You then take trail 9 to Mitteralpl lake (2,222 m). This trail is a relatively steep uphill climb at the beginning, but takes you through varied terrain. The upper, somewhat more level portion, takes you through lovely scenery comprising not overly dense stone pines. The terrain then becomes more open, and you reach narrow and elongated Mitteralpl lake, which is one of the park’s few surface waterbodies. The lake offers numerous places from which you can rest your legs and contemplate the surroundings. If you’ve still got enough stamina left you can then take the serpentine trail up to Lückeleschartl, from which there is a magnificent panoramic view of Dreischusterspitze / Cime Tre Scarperi, which is the highest peak in the Sexten / Sesto Dolomites, and of the Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime mountains. You then go back the way you came. When you’ve completed the hike, you might want consider visiting the war cemetery at the foot of Nasswand, where non German-speaking nationals who served in the army of the multinational Austrian state are interred.

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Route 4 Bad Moos / Bagni di Moso - Rotwandwiesenhütte / Rifugio Prati di Croda Rossa - Kreuzbergpass / Passo Monte Croce - Bad Moos / Bagni di Moso

  • Distance: 13,252 m
  • Ascent: 424 m
  • Descent: 992 m
  • Hiking time: 4 h 15 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail

Bad Moos / Bagni di Moso (1,358 m) - Rotwandwiesenhütte / Rifugio Prati di Croda Rossa refuge (1,900 m) - Rotwandwiesen / Prati di Croda Rossa (1,925 m) - Kreuzbergpass / Passo Monte Croce (1,637 m) - Bad Moos / Bagni di Moso (1,358 m)

Take the gondola lift from Bad Moos (1,358 m) to Rotwandwiesen. Follow the well marked trail (no. 15), which crosses Rotwandwiesen in a southeasterly direction and leads to a fork. Continue on trail 15, which is virtually level and leads through a sparse forest and across debris slopes to the foot of Burgstall / Castelliere. Walk around the rock ledge, ascend the slope and then descend through the stands of pine to the debris slopes of Neuner mountain / Pala di Popera. After crossing them, proceed down a shrubby meadow to the bunkers, and continuing on trail 15, you will reach Kreuzberg / Monte Croce pass (1,637 m). From there, hike back to Sexten/Moos / Sesto-Moso on trail 13a and then trail 1, or take the bus back to Sexten/Moos.

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