Puez-Geisler / Puez-Odle Nature Park

Suggested routes for virtual nature hikes and hiking routes

If you’d like to visit the best lookout points in nature park Schlern-Rosengarten / Sciliar-Catinaccio from the comfort of your own home, then you’ll definitely want to consider taking one of our virtual hikes through the unique natural and man-made landscape offered by the park.

Needless to say, though, the best way to discover the nature parks of South Tyrol is by experiencing the real thing first hand!

Route 1 Zanser Alm / Malga Zannes - Kreuzkofeljoch / Passo Poma - Medalgesalm / Malga Medalges - Zanser Alm / Malga Zannes

  • Distance: 12,838 m
  • Ascent:  850 m
  • Descent: 850 m
  • Hiking time: 4 h 25 m
  • Type of path: mountain trail of medium difficulty

Zanser Alm / Malga Zannes (1,676 m) – Gampenalm / Malga Gampen (2,068 m) – Schlüterhütte / Rifugio Genova (2,303 m) – Kreuzkofeljoch / Passo Poma (2,344 m) – Kamm des Juàc / Cresta di Juac (2,421 m) – Medalgesalm / Malga Medalges (2,294 m) – Tschantschenon / Ciancenon (1,932 m) – Zanser Alm / Malga Zannes (1,676 m)

From St. Magdalena / S. Maddalena the road that runs along the right side of Villnöß / Rio di Funes rivulet leads to the Zans parking lot (1,676 m), which is the starting point of this route. From the parking lot, follow Kaserillbach / Rio Caserill rivulet (marker 25) to the beginning of trail 33 on the right, which leads to Gampenalm (2,068 m). Proceed to the Schlüterhütte refuge (2,297 m) and then on to Kreuzkofeljoch (2,344 m). Proceed down trail 3, which connects Peitlerscharte / Forcella di Putia with the Puez mountains (marker 3/2). Carefully climb the scree slope to Kamm des Juàc (2,421 m), where there is a sensational panoramic view. The trail then leads to Medalgesalm and Kreuzjoch (both 2,294 m). Then take the steep descent down to Tschantschenon Alpine huts (1,932 m), which takes around an hour. Then continue toward the entrance to the valley until you reach the Zanse Alm-Gampenalm forest road fork. You then take Adolf-Munkel-Weg trail, which leads upwards through forests and grasslands on the left side of the valley. Exit this trail at Glatschalm fork (1,902 m), which is located under the northern faces of the Geislers / Odle. From there you return to Zans on a very steep trail that traverses spruce and cembra pine forests.

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Route 2 Kampill / Longariü - Kreuzkofeljoch / Passo Poma - Gömajoch / Passo Göma - Kampill / Longariü

  • Distance: 16,866 m
  • Ascent: 1,069 m
  • Descent: 1,069 m
  • Hiking time: 6 h 5 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail

Kampill /Longariü (1,397 m) - Serés (1,568 m) - Kreuzkofeljoch / Passo Poma (2,344 m) - Munt dla Crusc (2,300 m) - Schlüterhütte / Rifugio Genova (2,303 m) - Gömajoch / Passo Göma (2,106 m) - Kampill (1,397 m)

Take the road from St. Martin in the Gadertal valley to Kampill (1,397 m), which lies in a side valley of the Gader river. Take trail 4, which takes you up through pastures to the Sères farms (1,568 m), where you turn left and head toward Kreuzkofeljoch (2,344 m). Bear left and continue following trail 4 to the pastures on the southern slope of Munt dla Crusc (2,300 m). Continue on to Kreuzkofeljoch, where Schlüterhütte refuge (2,303 m) is located).
The second part of the route takes you north from Kreuzkofeljoch to Peitlerscharte / Forcella de Pütia (marker 4/35). Bear right at the first fork and head toward Munt dla Crusc meadows. The trail goes uphill and downhill a number of times and leads back to Sèresbach rivulet and to Cialnèur meadows. Continue on to Gömajoch (2,106 m), which is an easy walk and from which you can see the hilltop of Peitlerkofel / Sasso Putia in the foreground. Then descend back to your starting point, Kamphill, which takes around an hour and a half.

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Route 3 Wolkenstein / Selva Gardena - Crespeinajoch / Passo di Crespeina - Puezhütte / Rifugio Puez - Langental / Vallunga - Wolkenstein / Selva Gardena

  • Distance: 15,922 m
  • Ascent: 595 m
  • Descent: 1,241 m
  • Hiking time: 5 h 30 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail

Wolkenstein / Selva Gardena (1,569 m) – Cirjoch / Passo Cir (2,465 m) – Crespèinajoch / Passo di Crespèina (2,531 m) – Ciampacjoch / Forcella di Ciampac (2,359 m) – Puezhütte / Rifugio Puez (2,481 m) – Langental /Vallunga - Wolkenstein / Selva Gardena (1,569 m)

Take the Dantercèpies chairlift from Wolkenstein in Gröden (1,569 m) to the Grödner Joch /Passo Gardena area. From there, follow the trail along the foot of Cirspitzen mountain to trail 2, which starts at Grödner Joch and leads in steep turns to a corrie and to Cirjoch (2,465 m). After a gentle descent to Chedùltal / Val de Cédul valley across a gravel area, the trail leads up to Crespèinajoch (2,531 m). From there proceed past Crespèina lake to Ciampacjoch (2,359 m). Continue along the western edge of Gherdenacia past the intersection of trail 4 from Kolfuschg / Colfosco and the trail from Gherdenaciajoch. From Ciampacjoch it takes about an hour to reach Puezhütte refuge (2,481 m). From there descend to Langental valley on trail 2/16 to the Dantercèpies chairlift station in Wolkenstein, which will take you around three hours).

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Route 4

  • Distance: 13,482 m
  • Ascent: 171 m
  • Descent: 1,371 m
  • Hiking time: 3 h 40 m
  • Type of path: easy mountain trail

St. Ulrich / Ortisei valley station (1,254 m) - via funicular railway to Seceda summit station (2,457 m) - Troierhütte / Rifugio Troier refuge (2,280 m) - Regensburger Hütte / Rifugio Firenze (2,046 m) - Col Raiser refuge(2,104 m) – Gamsbluthütte /Baita Gamsblut refuge (1,952) - St. Jakob / S. Giacomo (1,566 m) - St. Ulrich / Ortisei (1,235 m)

From the St. Ulrich valley station (1,254 m), take the funicular railway to the summit station Seceda (2,457 m). From there it’s an easy hike to the highest point of the route, Seceda Alm (2,518 m), from which there’s a panoramic view that extends from the main Alpine crest to the southern Dolomites and from Ortler / Ortles to Tofana. Take trail 1, which runs along the foot of the Geislers / Odle to the Troierhütte refuge (2,280 m) and then on to Iman lake. You then continue on to Cisles-Alm and Regensburger Hütte refuge (2,046 m). Then follow trail 4 to Col Raiser (2,125 m), Col Raiser Hütte refuge (2,104 m) and then to Gamsbluthütte refuge (1,952 m). Continue on this trail through Bosch de Frëines and St. Jakob (1,566 m) and then back to the funicular railway valley station in St. Ulrich).

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