Rieserferner-Ahrn / Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park

Suggested routes for virtual nature hikes and hiking routes

If you’d like to visit the best lookout points in nature park Schlern-Rosengarten / Sciliar-Catinaccio from the comfort of your own home, then you’ll definitely want to consider taking one of our virtual hikes through the unique natural and man-made landscape offered by the park.

Needless to say, though, the best way to discover the nature parks of South Tyrol is by experiencing the real thing first hand!

Route 1 Oberrasen / Rasun di Sopra - Antholzer See / Lago d'Anterselva - Oberrasen / Rasun di Sopra

  • Distance: 34,335 m
  • Ascent: 1,106 m
  • Descent:  1,106 m
  • Hiking time: 9 h 20 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail

Oberrasen / Rasun di Sopra (1,085 m) - Biotop Rasner Möser / Biotopo Rasun (1,080 m) - Antholz-Niedertal / Anterselva di Sotto (1,110 m) - Antholzer See / Lago d’Anterselva (1,642 m) - Antholz-Mittertal / Anterselva di Mezzo (1,241 m) - Oberrasen / Rasun di Sopra (1,085 m)

Antholz lake, which is located at the far end of Antholz valley, has a lovely trail around it, and we recommend that you combine a walk around the lake on this trail with a day spent exploring magnificent Antholz valley. Starting at Oberrasen (1,085 m), follow trail 1 past Rasner Möser biotope to Antholz Niedertal valley. Then, continuing on trail 1, walk along the orographic left side of the valley to Antholz See lake (1,642 m), which has a trail around it. The way back takes you along the orographic right side of the valley (marker 11) past traditional farmhouses to Antholz-Mittertal, and from there back to Oberrasen on trail 1.

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Route 2 Rein / Riva di Tures - Ursprungalm / Malga Ursprung - Kassler Hütte / Rifugio Roma - Rein / Riva di Tures

  • Tourenlänge: 19,003 m
  • Höhenleistung Aufstieg: 1,144 m
  • Höhenleistung Abstieg: 1,144 m
  • Gehzeit: 6 h 30 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail

Rein / Riva di Tures (1,602 m) – Untere Kofleralm / Malga Kofler di Sotto (2,034 m) – Obere Kofleralm / Malga Kofler di Sopra (2,192 m) – Ursprungalm / Malga Ursprung (2,393 m) – Sentiero Arthur-Hartdegen-Weg – Kasseler Hütte / Rifugio Roma (2,275 m) – Rein / Riva di Tures (1,602 m)

From Rein (1,602 m) follow the road to Knuttental valley, and from there follow the trail on the right (marker 8a) across the wide bridge over Knuttenbach / Valle dei Dossi rivulet to a well situated farmhouse. The trail leads through the woods to Untere Kofleralm (2,034 m), and from there through a beautiful cembra pine forest to Obere Kofleralm (2,192 m). The trail (still no. 8a) now leads slightly uphill across a slope to Ursprungalm (2,393 m), where there is a magnificent view of the Rieserferner mountain glaciers.
You then proceed to Kasseler Hütte refuge (marker 8) along part of a trail called Arthur Hartdegenweg, which allows for spectacular mountain hikes above Reintal / Valle di Riva valley. After crossing Ursprungbach rivulet, bypass a mountainside until you see the majestic glaciers of the Rieserferner mountains. The trail is well maintained, but here is one section where you need to exercise caution.
After crossing the final moraine of Hochgall, you will reach Kasseler Hütte refuge (2,275 m). From there, you make the gradual descent to Reintal valley on trail 1, which leads past a series of pastures high above Bachertal valley / Valle di Rio.

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Route 3 Kasern / Casere - Krimmler Tauern / Passo dei Tauri - Birnlücken-Hütte / Rifugio Tridentina - Kasern / Casere

  • Distance: 22,557 m
  • Ascent: 1,383 m
  • Descent: 1,383 m
  • Hiking time:7 h 50 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail

Kasern / Casere (1,599 m) - Obere Tauernalm / Malga Tauern di Sopra (2,018 m) - Krimmler Tauern / Passo dei Tauri (2,633 m) - Birnlücke / Forcella del Picco (2,667 m) - Birnlücken-Hütte / Rifugio Tridentina (2,439 m) - Kehreralm / Malga Kehrer (1,811 m) – Kasern / Casere (1,599 m)

This route takes you along the historic Krimmler Tauern pass to the Salzburg region that in bygone days was used by herdsmen, farmers, hunters, sumpters and smugglers.
From Kasern (1,599 m) follow Kreuzweg / Via Crucis to Heilig Geist / Santo Spirito pilgrimage chapel. Trail 14 then leads past Trinkstein biotope to Tauernalm and then to Lausitzer Weg (marker 13). The ascent to Krimmler Tauern (2,633 m), which has become a national frontier only due to recent historical events is worth the effort. Here, Rieserferner-Ahrn / Vedrette di Ries-Aurina nature park shares a boundary with Hohe Tauern national park. Follow marker 13 past Tauernhütte refuge and proceed to Birnlücke. After a well earned rest at Birnlückenhütte refuge (2,l439 m), you will descend to Kehreralm (1,811 m) and arrive back at Kasern via the forest road.

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Route 4 Ahornach / Acereto - Pojenspitz / Cima Poia - Rauchkofel / Monte Fumo - Klaussee / Lago Chiusetta - Steinhaus / Cadipietra

  • Distance: 18,209 m
  • Ascent: 1,459 m
  • Descent: 1,747 m
  • Hiking time: 7 h 50 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail

Ahornach / Acereto (1,335 m) - Schlafhäuser (2,012 m) - Ahornacher Jöchl (2,281 m) – Pojenalmen / Malga Poia (2,124 m) - Obersteiner Holm / Col di Sassalto (2,395 m) - Pojenspitz / Cima Poia (2,453 m) - Klausscharte / Forcella Klaus (2,579 m) - Rauchkofel / Monte Fumo (2,617 m) - Klaussee / Lago Chiusetta (2,162 m) - Speckalm (1,734 m) - Restaurant / Ristorante Klausberg (1,602 m) - Steinhaus / Cadipietra (1,049 m)

Starting at Ahornach / Acereto (1,335 m), follow markers 10 and 10 B to the Schlafhäusern (2,012 m) and then follow Durreck / Alta Via Dura high mountain trail (marker 33 A ) to Ahornacher Jöchl / Col Piccolo (2,281 m), where there is an amazing view that’s worth contemplating for a few moments. From here you can see the majestic Durreck / Cima Dura and Großer Moosstock / Picco Palù mountain ranges, and the steep rock faces of Schneebiger Nock / Monte Nevoso, Windscharspitze / Cima del Vento and Wasserfallspitze / Punta della Cascata, all of which elements form the eastern horizon; and then there’s Tauferer / Val di Tures valley to the south and the distant peaks of the Dolomites and the Gruppach mountains to the west.
The trail now takes you slightly downhill to Pojenalmen / Alpe di Poia basin (2,124 m). The ascent on trail 33 to Obersteiner Holm (2,395 m) is worth the effort, as the view of the entirety of the Zillertal Alps with its many 3,000 meter high peaks is truly breathtaking. The trail then leads across Pojenkamm / Cresta Poia to Klaussee / Lago Chiusetta (2,162 m), which is the beauty queen of lakes in the Durreck mountains / Gruppo Dura. From there Rauchkofel / Monte Fumo (2,617 m) peak is only around 20 minutes away. Trail 33 then takes you past Speckalm (1,724 m) and Restaurant Klausberg (1,608) down to Steinhaus (1,049 m).

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