Schlern-Rosengarten / Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park

Interpretive nature trails

Interpretive nature trail "Geology-Trail"

Interpretive nature trail "Geology-Trail"
Interpretive nature trail "Geologensteig / Sentiero dei geologi"

Geologists from all over the world flock to Seis every year to explore the Geology Trail. What attracts them to this area is the rocks lining the shore of the Frötschbach stream. We will lead you to five spots where you can see for yourself what their excitement is all about. This is a pleasant hike taking you to the Seiser Alm plateau through magnificent landscapes. Follow geology – it will guide you to beautiful spots as well as fantastic rocks! A brief warning: this hike takes you along the foot of former reefs to rocks that were formed in a warm, tropical sea. Be careful not to stumble over fossil limestones that slid down the reefs long ago. Geologists do more than just climb mountains. They traverse time and space, pass through volcanic landscapes populated by dinosaurs, and meander along tropical beaches!

The path begins at Bad Ratzes / Bagni di Razzes and takes you to Prossliner Schwaige / malga Prossliner and from there to Schlernbödelehütte refuge and then back to the starting point. During the hike, you’ll have the opportunity to see the various geological strata close up and gain an understanding of how the Dolomites were formed.

Trail length: 9,5 km
Walking time: 3,5 hours

Interpretive nature trail "Oswald von Wolkenstein"

Interpretive nature trail "Oswald von Wolkenstein"
Interpretive nature trail "Oswald von Wolkenstein" © Seiser Alm Marketing

The Oswald von Wolkenstein Trail with its 15 stations is an exciting roundtrip trail through the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park. It’s especially suitable fornature-lovers and families with children – you can enjoy legends, stories, and myths in an entertaining way. The Hauenstein Forest with its two ruins is anexample for the centuries-long relationship between Man and Nature and allows visitors to understand why our cultural landscape is a precious asset deserving ourappreciation and protection.

It’s best to begin your hike in the parking lot of the Seis-Seiser Alm / Siusi-Alpe di Siusi cable railway, from which the path first takes you toward Hotel Saleg and then continues on from there.

Trail length: around 4,5 km

Trail altitude: around 280 m

Walking time: around 60 minutes

Attention: Not suitable for baby carriages!