Schlern-Rosengarten / Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park

Suggested routes for virtual nature hikes and hiking routes

If you’d like to visit the best lookout points in nature park Schlern-Rosengarten / Sciliar-Catinaccio from the comfort of your own home, then you’ll definitely want to consider taking one of our virtual hikes through the unique natural and man-made landscape offered by the park.

Needless to say, though, the best way to discover the nature parks of South Tyrol is by experiencing the real thing first hand!

Route 1 Compatsch - Saltnerhütte / Malga Saltner - Schlernhaus / Rifugio Bolzano - Tierser Alpl Hütte / Rifugio Alpe di Tires - Compatsch

  • Distance: 21,431 m
  • Ascent: 1,187 m
  • Descent: 1,187 m
  • Hiking time: 7 h 0 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail 

Seiser Alm / Alpe di Siusi (Compatsch 1,842 m) – Saltnerhütte / Malga Saltner (1,835 m) – Touristensteig / Sentiero dei turisti – Schlernhaus / Rifugio Bolzano (2,455 m) – Tierser-Alpl-Hütte / Rifugio Alpe di Tires (2,444 m) – Rosszahn-Scharte / Forcella dei Denti di Terrarossa (2,497 m) – Goldknopf Hotel / Hotel Punta d’Oro (2,078 m) – Seiser Alm / Alpe di Siusi (Compatsch 1,842 m)

Leave the parking lot near Compatsch and walk south on the service road, from which you will fork off after a short while (at marker 10). You then take another service road (marker 5) which extends from Frommer to Saltnerhütte refuge (1,835 m). The hiking track known as "Touristensteig" (marker 1) takes you, via many twists and turns, through a terrain full of mountain pines. Around three hours after leaving Compatsch you will reach Schlernhaus refuge (2,455 m), from which an almost flat track (marker 3-4) leads across the plateau. After reaching the Western side of Roterdspitze, the serpentine trail takes you to the upper edge of Bärenlochtal valley at the end of Tschamintal valley. From there the trail (marker 4) takes you through murky Wengener Laven to Tierser-Alpl-Hütte refuge (2,444 m).

The way back from Tierser Alpl to Seiser Alm (marker 2) begins with the ascent to Roßzahn-Scharte (2,497 m). Then a serpentine trail leads you down to Goldknopf Hotel (2,078 m). Finally, a wide service road (marker 7) takes you past Panorama Hotel back to your starting point on the western side of Seiser Alm Alpine pasture.

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Route 2 Bad Ratzes / Bagni di Razzes - Proßliner Schwaige / Malga Prossliner - Schlernbödele-Hütte / Rifugio Schlernboden - Bad Ratzes / Bagni di Razzes

  • Distance: 9,307 m
  • Ascent: 668 m
  • Descent:  668 m
  • Hiking time: 3 h 40 m
  • Type of path: easy mountain trail

Bad Ratzes bei Seis / Bagni di Razzes presso Siusi (1,205 m) – Frötschbach / Rio Freddo – Proßliner Schwaige / Malga Prossliner (1,744m) – Schlernbödele-Hütte / Rifugio Schlernboden (1,693 m) – Bad Ratzes / Bagni di Razzes (1,205 m)

This loop trail, which takes you along the traditional geologist trail in the Frötschenbachschlucht area, begins at the parking lot in Bad Ratzes / Bagni di Razzes nearby Seis / Siusi (1,205 m). The trail (marker 1) at first takes you to the right, through the forest along Frötschbach rivulet. After a short while the trail forks, with the right fork leading to Schlernbödelehütte refuge, while the left fork (marker 1a) is called Proßliner Steig. Take this latter path, the Proßliner Schwaige / Malga Prossliner is located there at a particularly lovely section of Seiser Alpine pasture and offers a stunning view of Schlern mountain. Continue along this same trail (marker 1a), which leads you through a small hollow to Touristensteig / Sentiero dei Turisti (marker 1), which originates at Schlernhochfläche / Altopiano dello Sciliar plateau. From there proceed toward Schlernbödelehütte refuge. On reaching Kehren, descend to Frötschbach and then back to the starting point at Bad Ratzes / Bagni di Razzes (1,205 m).

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Route 3 Weißlahnbad / Bagni di Lavina Bianca - Tierser Alpl / Rifugio Alpe di Tires - Schlernhaus / Rifugio Bolzano - Weißlahnbad / Bagni di Lavina Bianca

  • Distance: 20,261 m
  • Ascent:  1,607 m
  • Descent: 1,607 m
  • Hiking time: 8 h 26 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail

Weißlahnbad bei Tiers / Bagni di Lavina Bianca (1,175 m) – Tschamintal / Val Ciamin – Tierser Alpl / Rifugio Alpe di Tires (2,444 m) – Schlernhaus / Rifugio Bolzano (2,455 m) – Bärenfalle / Orsara – Weißlahnbad / Bagni di Lavina Bianca (1,175 m)

From Tiers a road leads to Weißlahnbad and then to the parking lot near nature parkhouse Schlern in the Stegen sawmill (1,175 m). This is the starting point for your hiking trail (marker 3), which leads to Tschamintal valley, across the rivulet several times and ending at the entrance to narrow and steep Bärenloch. Follow the trail through Bärenloch (marker 3a) and then cross the steep terrace up to Tierser-Alpl-Hütte (2,444 m). (See route 1 for a description of crossing Schlern plateau from Tierser Alpl to Schlernhaus.) It takes around 2 hours to get to Schlernhaus (2,455 m). From there a steep trail (marker 2) leads down in a south-eastern direction to Weißlahnbach and Tiers, along the north slope of Tschafatsch / Monte Cavaccio to Bärenfalle. The descent through Bärenfalle is rather steep, but not difficult. Return to your starting point by walking through the Tschamintal valley forests.

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Route 4 St. Zyprian / S. Cipriano - Plafötsch - Haniger Schwaige / Malga Haniger - Nigerpass / Passo Nigra - St . Zyprian / S. Cipriano

  • Distance: 13,857 m
  • Ascent: 1,003 m
  • Descent: 1,003 m
  • Hiking time:  5 h 10 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail

Parking lot in St. Zyprian / S. Cipriano (1,135 m) – Plafötsch (1,566 m) – Haniger Schwaige / Malga Haniger (1,908 m) – Nigerpass / Passo Nigra (1,689 m) – parking lot in St. Zyprian / S. Cipriano (1,135 m)

This route features panoramic views of Rosengarten / Catinaccio mountain, plus forests and fields that vary greatly from each other. At Niger pass you can take a bus back to St. Zyprian. Trail 7 begins at the parking lot (1,135 m), from which you head uphill toward the park to Plafötsch Alpine pasture (1,566 m) through fields and forests. This cultivated meadow, which offers a panoramic view of Rosengarten mountain, is the first opportunity to stop for a refreshment or a meal. After continuing along trail 7 for an hour or so, you’ll come upon Hanicker Schwaige (1,908 m),another place for a refreshment. But before you do, take a few moments to admire the renowned Vajolet columns. The trail ascends slightly after Hanicker Schwaige, via fields and forests, to the foot of Rosengarten mountain. Here you’ll find panoramic views of Rosengarten mountain, Latemar mountain, and Tiers valley. After about half an hour take the left fork in the trail towards Baumannschwaige and Niger pass (1,689 m), another place for a refreshment, from which you can return to your starting point via trail 1A, or take the bus back to St. Zyprian. If you’d like to hike this trail and do less amount of climbing – 300 m to be exact – you can traverse this route in the opposite direction by starting at Niger pass, which you can reach by bus.

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