Seasonal nature conservation service

Nature park attendants

During the months of July, August and September, 20 members of the seasonal nature conservation service are on duty at South Tyrol’s nature parks. Particularly with the large influx of visitors during the high season, it’s important to have personnel available right at the parks who can provide information and raise visitors’ awareness, as this makes a major contribution to nature park and environmental education.

The mission of these people, who are stationed at the main entrances to the nature parks, is to make visitors aware of the conservation-area objectives of the park and to promote greater understanding of nature and the environment. They answer visitors’ questions concerning the nature parks, provide information on particular matters, and raise visitors’ awareness of the importance of acting in a manner that helps to conserve nature.

1. Mission: To promote acceptance and support from local residents and users

Answer questions related to nature conservation and protected areas, specifically the following:

  • Provide information concerning the management and upkeep of private property that lies within the nature parks, as regards grazing, fertilizer use, mowing and so on;
  • Provide information concerning nature park rules and regulations;
  • Provide information concerning nature park objectives;
  • Proactively promote cooperation in the realm of nature conservation;
  • Document nature observations on the part of local residents and users;
  • Improve the flow of information between local residents and authorities. 

2. Mission: See to visitors’ needs

Help out with information related and educational tasks at visitor centers and at the parks:

  • Help out at information centers and nature park houses;
  • Conduct guided tours on specific topics;
  • Help to organize special events;
  • Monitor interpretive nature trails;
  • Organize project events;
  • Encourage visitors to act reasonably and cautiously while in the park as regards matters such as vehicle speed, prohibition against collecting samples, staying on the marked trails and so on.

Help with and provide advice concerning PR activities:

  • Assist in the elaboration of informational materials;
  • Distribute informational materials.

 3. Mission: park conservation and upkeep

  • Detect and observe hazards, and if possible eliminate them;
  • Check the safety, cleanliness and functionality of hiking trails;
  • Check the safety, cleanliness and functionality of visitor facilities;
  • Report any defective signs;
  • Help with research projects (e.g. data gathering for scientific studies);
  • Help with surveys concerning visitor counts, visitor surveys and traffic counts

How to become a seasonal protected area warden?

Those interested in nature can apply for the seasonal nature conservation service who have knowledge of natural history, knowledge of nature and landscape conservation in South Tyrol as well as pedagogical talent and are sociable.

Entry requirements:

  • completed 18th year of age
  • Bilingual or trilingual certificate B1 (ex C)
  • Minimum requirement: secondary school leaving certificate and completed apprenticeship with journeyman's certificate or confirmation of attendance at a secondary school for at least 2 years.

Application for Trudner Horn Nature Park: within 11.05.2022, 12.00 hrs:

The application is submitted via the online service with activated citizen card or SPID.

Those who do not have digital access can apply using the application form, which can be downloaded from this website. In this case, the documents must be submitted to the Office for Nature, Rittner Strasse 4, 39100 Bolzano, tel. 0471 417770, by the deadline mentioned above. If the application is sent by post, the date and time stamp of the receiving post office shall apply.

Enclosures to the application:

  • current curriculum vitae, signed and not older than 6 months
  • Certificate of affiliation or affiliation to one of the three language groups in a sealed envelope (not older than 6 months and in original copy, in case of other exclusion!)
  • Appropriate recognition in Italy of the completed apprenticeship with journeyman's certificate, the 2-year secondary school or the Matura qualification in Italy, if these were acquired abroad.

All applicants who fulfil the necessary requirements must undergo an oral examination.  The times will be published exclusively on this website.

Entrance examination:

On 04.04.2022 the entrance exams for the seasonal nature conservation service took place at the headquarters of the Office for Nature in Rittner Strasse 4 in Bolzano.
The results of the competition are available here.  For the Trudner Horn Nature Park the admission procedure is still open. Expected date for those candidates applying for the nature conservation service in the Trudner Horn Nature Park: 23.05.2022, online. The times will be published exclusively on this website.

After passing the exam, participation in the training course organised by the Office for Nature is obligatory for acceptance into the service. Expected dates: 28.04. to 29.04.2022 and 16.05. to 18.05.2022.

Further information:

Information on the seasonal nature conservation service 2022 in the Trudner Horn Nature Park
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