Texelgruppe / Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park

Research and data gathering

Studien und Erhebungen

Nature parks are sizeable areas comprising a combination of untouched and man-made landscapes that are rich in flora, fauna and habitats. As these areas also contain unusual geological elements and an extremely broad range of topological features, they are often studied by scientists.

The insights gained from such research and the data gathered for them is crucial when it comes to ensuring sustainable use of nature parks over the long term.

Grouse study

Grouse study
Snow grouse

In 1998 the provincial office for nature parks (today office for nature) carried out a questionnaire-based survey concerning the population of native grouse, and in particular the rock ptarmigan and rock partridge. These findings were rounded out by counting actual birds in the relevant areas in 1999 and 2000. Using tallies in selected area as a basis, distribution maps were drawn up that provided an overview of the habitat situation for both types of grouse in Texelgruppe / Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park.

The GLORIA project

The GLORIA project
Mapping GLORIA project

The GLORIA project is an international undertaking that studies climate change-induced plant species shifts at high altitudes. Data gathering stations have been set up at selected representative mountain-peak sites, where data are gathered using highly sophisticated data gathering methods. Plans call for the data to be gathered at five year intervals if possible, and if not at ten year intervals, so as to determine whether the relevant species are in fact changing. For further information visit www.gloria.ac.at (external link).