The concept of the Nature parks in South Tyrol

The concept of the Nature parks in South Tyrol

Goals and tasks briefly and compactly

Nature parks are of particular importance for the preservation of nature and landscapes, education and research, and providing an opportunity to experience nature. The concept is based on a few clear principles:

  1. South Tyrol Nature parks protect and preserve the diversity of the alpine mountains with their habitats, plants and animals.
  2. Information, environmental education and a special nature experience offer visitors a new understanding of nature and promote good governance.
  3. The Nature parks comprise mountains, pastures and forests; permanent settlements are not part of the area.
  4. Forest and alpine farming and transhumance are conducted using sustainable methods.
  5. Within the Nature parks no construction is permitted, except for the alpine farming. No overhead lines, mines, gravel mines or use of water for hydroelectric or industrial purposes is allowed.

The following rules of conduct must be observed in the Nature parks:

  • Don’t pickDon’t pick
  • Don’t pickDon’t pick
  • Stay on the trackStay on the track
  • Don’t trashDon’t trash
  • Don’t pickDon’t pick
  • No fireNo fire
  • No vehiclesNo vehicles
  • No noiseNo noise
  • Don’t destroyDon’t destroy
  • Don’t campDon’t camp