Trudner Horn / Monte Corno Nature Park

Suggested routes for virtual nature hikes and hiking routes

If you’d like to visit the best lookout points in nature park Schlern-Rosengarten / Sciliar-Catinaccio from the comfort of your own home, then you’ll definitely want to consider taking one of our virtual hikes through the unique natural and man-made landscape offered by the park.

Needless to say, though, the best way to discover the nature parks of South Tyrol is by experiencing the real thing first hand!

Route 1 Salurn / Salorno - Salomonhof / Maso Salomon - Raststätte Sauch / Rifugio Sauch - Salurn / Salorno

  • Distance: 11,158 m
  • Ascent: 724 m
  • Descent: 724 m
  • Hiking time: 3 h 50 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail

Salurn / Salorno (221 m) - Salomonhof / Maso Solomon (672 m) - Raststätte / Rifugio Sauch (913 m) - Salurn / Salorno (221 m)

This hike is particularly pleasant in late spring, when the beech trees are full of fresh leaves and the lilies of the valley are flowering. From the townhall square in Salurn (221 m), trail 409 leads you to the impressive waterfall immediately above the village. After crossing the wooden bridge, follow the steep trail that leads through the characteristic coppice to the vehicle thoroughfare. After passing Salomonhof (672 m) and passing through beech woods, you will enter Steinhäusertal valley. You will then come upon Sauch refuge, which is located right under the saddle (913 m). The way back (marker 1) leads you along the Truden / Trodena line, the geological fault line between the dolomite and porphyry rocks. When you reach the first cultivated fields (Tiefentaler Hof / maso Valfonda), take the trail on your left, which takes you through orchards and vineyards to the road to Buchholz / Pochi. Stay on this road for a short distance until you reach a chapel (384 m), and from there follow trail 1. The paved Via Crucis leads you through the coppice and back to the village.

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Route 2 San Lugano / San Lugano - Peraschupf - Krabesalm / Malghette - Hornalm / Malga Monte Corno - Mazzon - Neumarkt / Egna

  • Distance: 21,613 m
  • Ascent: 1,011 m
  • Descent: 1,832 m
  • Hiking time: 7 h 10 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail

Sattel von San Lugano / Passo di San Lugano (1,097 m) – Trudner Bergwiesen / Prati alberati di Trodena – Peraschupf (1,428 m) – Langes Moos / Palù Longa (1,448 m) – Krabesalm / Malghette (1,539 m) – Zissattel / Passo Cisa (1,452 m) – Hornalm / Malga Monte Corno (1,707 m) – Weißensee / Lago Bianco (1,680 m) – Gfrillner Sattel / Sella Cauria (1,408 m) – Gstoagerhof / Maso Gstoager (889 m) – Mazzon (365 m) – Neumarkt / Egna (257 m)

This loop tour, which can be realized in part via public transport, takes hikers with sufficient stamina through all the landscapes, vegetation communities and climatic zones that are characteristic of nature park Trudner Horn / Monte Corno.
From the center of Neumarkt, take the morning bus to Cavalese/Predazzo and get off at the saddle of San Lugano (1,097 m). From there, a serpentine trail (marker 4) winds up the steep western slope to the Truden / Trodena meadows plain. An easy trail beginning at Peraschupf (marker 5) then leads you to Langes Moos (1,448 m). You then ascend to Krabesalm (1,540 m) via a forest road (marker 9). Continue on trail 9 across the Malghette pastures until you reach Zissattel (1,452 m). In case of inclement weather, the village of Truden can be reached from Zissattel by following the forest road (marker E5/3).
Then follow the European long distance hiking trail Lake Constance – Adriatic Sea (marker E5) up to Hornalm (1,750 m). Continue on trail E5/3 until you reach Weißensee lake (1,680 m). Cross the flat saddle on the western side of the moor and descend on trail 3, which leads through spruce and fir forests to Gfrillner saddle (1,408 m) behind Königswiese / Prato del Re. You then walk down a steep trail (marker 3/4) until you reach the road to Gstoagerhof (889 m). The old steep pack animal trail “Klapf” then leads you across precipitous dolomite rocks down to Mazzon. You will then pass the ruins of the Caldiff castle on your way back to Neumarkt (follow marker 3).

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Route 3 Altrei / Anterivo - Langes Moos / Palù Longa - Krabesalm / Malghette - Zissattel / Passo Cisa - Altrei / Anterivo

  • Distance: 11,731 m
  • Ascent: 468 m
  • Descent: 468 m
  • Hiking time: 3 h 30 m
  • Type of path: mountain trail of medium difficulty

Altrei / Anterivo (1,216 m) – Langes Moos / Palù Longa (1,448 m) – Krabesalm / Malgehtte (1,539 m) – Zissattel / Passo Cisa (1,452 m) – Altrei / Anterivo (1,216 m)

From the center of Altrei a lovely old paved trail (marker 5) leads through meadows, pastures and woods to Langes Moos (1,448 m). You then proceed to Krabesalm (1,539 m open to the public during the summer) via a forest road. From there, an almost level trail (marker 6) that starts at the forest road (marker 4) leads you through Alpine pastures carpeted with flowers and larch-covered slopes with extensive stands of larches. The trail leads past boggy hollows and dome-shaped rocks across Gampen heights to Zissattel (1,452 m). From there, it’s an easy walk back to Altrei via the forest road.

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Route 4 Truden / Trodena - Hohe Wand - Cislonalm / Malga Cislon - Truden / Trodena

  • Distance: 7,968 m
  • Ascent: 402 m
  • Descent: 402 m
  • Hiking time: 2 h 20 m
  • Type of path: difficult mountain trail

Truden / Trodena (1,161 m) - Hohe Wand (1,400 m) - Cisloneralm / Malga Cislon (1,333 m) - Truden / Trodena (1,110 m)

From the parking lot (1,161 m) at the northern edge of Truden, the Praglasir forest road (marker 2) forks off the state road and leads in a northwesterly direction through meadows and mixed larch woods. When you reach the point where the trail bends to the left, continue going straight and follow marker 2B, which will take you to Hohe Wand. Here you will find yourself in an Alpine setting par excellence, where Alpine roses, mugo pines, mountain avens, saxifrages and Alpine clematises cover the rocks and slopes on the shady northern face of Cislon. The breathtaking panorama includes the Lagorai mountains, Schwarzhorn / Corno Nero, Weißhorn / Corno Bianco, the Zillertal Alps, the Texel / Tessa mountains, and Etschtal / Adige valley. After crossing a rock, which is very safe, you will reach the mixed fir woods. Above the forest road (marker 2) we reach the open pastures of the Cisloneralm (1,333 m, open to the public during summer). From there you can see the dark fir woods on the northern slope of Trudner Horn / Monte Corno and Königswiese / Prato del Re, as well as the rocky hilltops of the Brenta mountains, which tower over Mendel mountain range. You then return to Truden via a section of the trail that takes you through Scots pines, beeches and coppice (marker 1).

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